I couldn’t Say Anything when I Saw Her Again

I couldn’t Say Anything when I Saw Her AgainThe worst challenges that one may encounter are not about the worst things of the world – these are the best things one can’t achieve because one is not destined to fit into the nature’s formula. Just because of the fact that this one formula fails, one sees the world differently. All that stands rigid are not meant for forever. All that one achieves are not the success stories that stays forever. These are the few things I knew from her.
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It took me four years to see her again. Once she was something I couldn’t live without. But when I saw her again, she was stranger than any one I could imagine. I couldn’t believe it was with my own eyes to see her again. I couldn’t believe how I gained that strength to see her again.
Looking back into the mirror of the past, she was someone I trusted more than anyone. I dreamed of the better world with her. I saw the future with her.   Sadly, these are shattered into pieces of d…

Made In Thailand, Brought to Bhutan

Genre: Fiction
At schools, we meet so many kinds of friends - good and bad. This is a story of a good friend.

I know her from my high school. At school she was a hard working girl. She would do her works with passion - as she would describe. She used to say, it takes some passion and some reasons to do the best thing in ones life. She was good in studies not because she was a bookworm, but she lived with perseverance and dedication, I should say.

I was in class eleven when she was in twelve. As a junior, she was an inspiration. As a student in the same school, she was something on which teachers would cite as an example with pride. Her name was almost like a mantra for our principal to chant every assembly. Her name was in every award ceremonies like these ceremonies won't happen without her name.

So, she was such a good student - good in academics,  sports, but all that caught me was her sense of humor.

She proved her strength in her higher secondary results. She topped the nat…

Things You Should Learn in High School

What happened to me in my high school is that, I was trained to study, study and study the textbooks and the notes given by the teachers. All that seemed to matter was a good result - a colorful result.

Today I regret a few things looking back into my high school days, thinking I never did enough.

I should have developed a good communication skills. I should have read a lot of books. I should have learnt how to write well. I should have learnt how to explore beyond the borders of the classrooms.

 What I thought in my high school days was that I would get an ample of time to read and improve my communication skills in my college life. But doing this is quite a herculean task.

These are some of the things that keep one surviving after high school. Looking into this fact, wishing to develop these skills after high school is quite foolish.

It is my opinion that it's right time for the students  to acquire all these skills in high school.

What I would suggest are:
1. Read - Write, Rea…

What Do You Know About Social Engineering?

By definition socialengineering is a discipline or art of manipulating people so that they share their confidential information. It may start from collecting information as simple as your legally registered name, date of birth, passwords or bank information depending on the interest of the exploiters. These criminals may collect information based on what they are targeting from their victims.
How can I be a victim of social engineering? Art of social engineering starts from getting trust – something like the exploiter becoming friends with his or her victim. Thus, social networks are great plethora of information about people around and finding targets are much easier. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are on which these exploiters may start manipulating people.
What else social engineers do? This depends on what the social engineers are looking for. Common social engineering attacks include:
1.E-mail from a friend: With e-mails, these criminals can do whatever they want. Basical…

Why Bhutanese Parents Should Introduce Their Children to Coding

Not many Bhutanese of my age, and above are aware about programming. Not many Bhutanese parents influence their children to become programmers, computer scientists, system analysts, or web developers. Not many Bhutanese think these professions as lucrative as being a civil engineer, an architect, a lawyer or a teacher. But these professions are the orbit on which today’s world rotates.
However coding is not limited to IT professions only. It has become a medium with which we interact with the machines we live with for our life’s comfort.
Making one’s children learn the art of coding is inevitable. Starting to learn how to code only at university level has become a traditional method. It is high time we start crafting coding skills in our children not looking in job’s perspective but at making our children understand the digital world we live in.
Coding is not only about learning a sophisticated high-level programming language but learning to solve problems.  It is said to have posit…

How to Remove Shortcut Virus?

Ever got your flash drives infected by Shortcut virus? It is said to be Trojan that consolidates every file in your portable devices and put it into a hidden file. This creates a shortcut.exe file giving no option other than to click on it. Once the file gets executed, it installs malicious applications.
There are several methods to remove it from your devices. Here is the method that I found working.
Follow the instructions given below: 1.Open your command prompt (run as Administrator). 2.Type the drive letter of your flash drive or external hard disk and a colon after it. For example, G: 3.Once you did it you are directed to your infected device. Now type:  attrib G:*.* /d /s -h -r -s  4.And click Enter on your Keyboard. 5.Now it’s done. Go open your drive!

Internet: Some Tips You Should Know

Today the Internet keeps the world moving. There is so much one can do with the Internet, however so much to care about. Security is one of the concerns one must be taking into account. Here are some of the things that one must be taking care of while using it.

Keep your passwords super-strong: A strong password is a mixture of numbers, special characters and both upper- and lower-case characters. Using different passwords for different accounts is also a good practice. Some would recommend changing your passwords at least twice a year. Never share your passwords.
Secure Connection: Many Internet connections are not secure, especially if they’re Wi-Fi connections. One should be aware that that Wi-Fi that one uses in coffee shops, airports, and hotels are risky to your email and bank accounts. One solution to this issue is to use the connections only if public networks are secured using WPA or WPA2 protocol.
Use Private Windows: When…